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Make your own Eye Shadow Palette

Have you ever wanted to pick the colors for your own perfectly customized eye shadow palette?  Well now you can (and save nearly $23 in the process)!  Create your dream set of can even name it if you like!  "Pam's Picks"...

Skinny Dip Eye Shadow Palette - HBG.COM EXCLUSIVE

What's not to love about these four universally-flattering shades that will quickly become your go-to palette?  Create unlimited head turning looks that will keep you going morning until night.  These nude shades may be simple, but they're far...

Canyon Sunset Eye Shadow Palette - HBG.COM EXCLUSIVE

Award-winning palette!  This collection is both elegant and romantic, with an air of sophistication.  Create dozens of looks ranging from simple nude to sexy and smokey.  Reach for these colors that are perfect for a day of sightseeing or...

Hot Chocolate Eye Shadow Palette - HBG.COM EXCLUSIVE

Warm and toasty, this palette is a sweet treat on the eyes.  Rich chocolate browns, frothy latte tones and marshmallow white are incredibly easy to wear and offer endless versatility.  This four shade collection comes in our Refillable Eye...

Moon & Stars Eye Shadow Palette - HBG.COM EXCLUSIVE

Could there BE a more romantic palette?  Create your own fairy tale with enchanting shades of sparkling pink and starry purple.  Both mattes and shimmers make up this palette giving you true versatility to create captivating looks, inspiring...

Earth & Ocean Eye Shadow Palette - HBG.COM EXCLUSIVE

All the beauty of nature is reflected in this one timeless palette.  Rich earth tones of bark and emerald pair flawlessly with mysterious sapphire and plum resulting in a highly versatile palette.  Mix and match shades to create sophisticated...

Skinny Dip II Eye Shadow Palette - EXCLUSIVE

Our first Skinny Dip Palette was so incredibly popular that we decided to create a second.  Skinny Dip II also has four universally-flattering shades but with a bit more intensity.  Richer nude shades are still easy to wear, but give you more...