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Honeybee Gardens Complexion Perfecting Blush
(photo depicts the color Rendezvous)

Complexion Perfecting Blush

A highly pigmented, long-wearing blush works to improve your complexion thanks to powerful Maracuja oil from the seeds of the Passiflora Edulis plant. Maracuja yields a rich and emollient oil with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. ...
Honeybee Gardens MultiStick Peony MultiStick


Revolutionize your beauty routine with our mistake-proof cream-to-powder MultiSticks! The beauty of this product lies in their versatility. You can effortlessly use them as a blush, lipstick, or even an eyeshadow, allowing you to create a...
Liquid Foundation Brush

Liquid Foundation Brush

Experience the epitome of luxury and sustainability with our Liquid Foundation Brush. Crafted with care, this exquisite beauty tool boasts a handle made entirely from naturally sustainable bamboo, providing an eco-friendly alternative to conventional...
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