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 Bellissima + ProTip Duo

Bellissima + ProTip Duo

SAVE 15% on this must-have duo featuring our fan favorite Bellissima Volumizing Mascara (choose Black or Brown) and our new ProTip Clean Liquid Eye Liner in Black.  Set includes: 1 - Bellissima Volumizing Mascara (choose your shade) 1 - ProTip...
Clear Skin Duo

Clear Skin Duo

SAVE 15% with this clear skin bundle featuring our Purifying Gel Cleanser & Ultimate Facial Serum. For all skin types and tones   Set Includes: 1 Ultimate Face Serum Complex 1 Purifying Gel Cleanser Ultimate Face Serum...
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Honeybee Gardens Gift Set

'Pamper Them' Gift Set

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one?  Look no further! Pamper them with scented body oils, an enlivening shower tab, tinted lip balm and gloss.  In scents and shades of your choice.  A great value - $48.95...savings of almost $19...
Crystal Infused Organic Body Oils Full Size + Travel Roller Ball

Gemstone Infused Body Oil Gift Set

SET CONTAINS: 1 - Gemstone Infused Body Oil, 2 fl. oz 1 - Gemstone Roller Ball, 0.34 fl. oz  A perfect gifting option for anyone in your life. Our beloved organic body oils are paired with our new adorable rollerballs. The roller ball applicator...
Power of Positivity + Bellissima Volumizing Mascara

Positivity Gift Set

Set includes: 1 Positivity Palette 1 Bellissima Volumizing Mascara (your choice) You are LOVED. You are KIND. You are WORTHY. Each shade in this eco-friendly palette reminds the user of the amazing qualities they possess, infusing the power...
Ultimate Facial Serum Complex and HydroGel

Superior Hydration Gift Set

Set Includes: 1 HydroGel 1 Face Serum We're ready to take on winter with this duo! Use our HydroGel to moisturize & hydrate and then lock it all in with our Ultimate Facial Serum. Can be used morning and night! After a few weeks/months of use, you...
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Effortless Eye Liner Trio

Effortless Eye Liner Trio Gift Set (Choose your shades)

3- Effortless Eye Liner (your choice) Dare we say that our Effortless Eye Liners are one of our most coveted items?! Smooth yet long wearing. Deep pigmentation. Just pure perfection. Save 15% with this trio bundle so you'll never run out of your...
Facial Toner and Ultimate Serum Complex

Clean & Fresh Gift Set

Set Includes: 1 Hydrating Facial Toner 4oz 1 Ultimate Face Serum Simple and effective! After cleansing, use our toner to give your face a shot of moisture and then lock it all in with our Ultimate Facial Serum. If you're feeling dry during the day,...
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Duo Compact Bundle

Pre-filled Pressed Eye Shadow + Refillable Duo Compact (choose your shades)

Enjoy more than a 10% discount on this awesome product bundle.  Our endlessly refillable, high quality duo compact, composed of heavy duty paperboard with a hidden magnetic closure for a secure fit. Paired perfectly with our Honeybee...
Nailed It Gift Set by Honeybee Gardens

Nailed It Gift Set (choose your shade)

No more excuses! Time to ditch those nasty drug store nail polishes and dive right into our Nailed It WaterColors Starter Set. We've included all you need to transition to truly natural nail care. Set includes all you see here PLUS a detailed instruction...
WaterColors Nail Enamel, Endure Primer/Sealer, Gel Remover

Perfectly Polished Trio Gift Set

Set Includes: 1- Water Color Nail Enamel Your Choice 1- Gel Remover 1- Endure Primer Sealer Use our 4 step application & removal process for best results. 1. Apply a thin layer of Endure Primer/Sealer to clean, dry nails and allow to air dry...
Honeybee Gardens Make Your Own Palette

Create your own Eye Shadow Palette

Have you ever wanted to pick the colors for your own perfectly customized eye shadow palette?  Well now you can (and save nearly $23 in the process)!  Create your dream set of can even name it if you like!  "Pam's Picks"...