Polished Gift Set

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This is a wonderful introduction to healthy nail care.  Our gift set includes the WaterColors Nail Enamel shade of your choice, a four-sided file/buffer to shape and smooth nails and our Nail Polish Remover.   A $24.97 Value 

Set Includes:

1- WaterColors Nail Enamel (your choice) 
1- 2 fl oz. Nail Polish Remover 
1- 4 sided Nail Buffer/File

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Product Shades

Comes in 25 great colors:

  • Vintage Merlot - M; deep berry red wine 
  • Hippie Chick - M; lavender, light purple with hint of pink
  • Valentine - M; true pink 
  • Mocha Latte - I, S; bronze nude **($10.99 ON CLEARANCE)**
  • Goddess - I, S; medium berry with blush undertones
  • Tuscany - I, S; mauve / light purple 
  • Fairy Dust - I, S; frosted pink, slightly sheer 
  • Whisper - I, S; very sheer pink, translucent
  • Destiny - I, S; pink nude
  • Abyss - M; pure black **($10.99 ON CLEARANCE)**
  • Oasis - I, S; sapphire blue
  • Wild Fire - M; bright red 
  • Hibiscus - M; bright coral, pinkish orange tones
  • Island Orchid -M; vibrant purple with red undertones 
  • Raspberry Sorbet - M; rich bright raspberry 
  • Surf's Up -I, M; soothing ocean aquamarine 
  • Legacy- M; warm summer rose 
  • Sweater Weather -M; gray lilac 
  • Victorian Lace - M; old fashioned rose 
  • Boysenberry - M; gray plum
  • Glowing Ember - S; shimmery red with purple undertones
  • She Said Yes -M; Light Pastel Pink
  • Forget Me Not -M; Light Pastel Blue
  • Wisteria -M; Light Pastel Purple
  • Clear 

Reviews (1)

Gwen Boyer 6th Dec 2017

Mixed feelings

I like the nail buffer very much and have used it a lot. My nails are in very good shape because of it. I didn't like the color that I ordered since it was much too bright a pink. I used it on my toes and that was good, and it lasted well. I tried it on my fingernails but it did not last well, though I may have only used one coat. I'll try it again but it's not my color. I might try another color later.




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