$3 Donation To No Kill Shelter

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Kandyce 31st Mar 2022

Support those who can't support themselves

I am passionate about animal welfare. I cry at ASPCA commercials. My husband sheilds me from the animal adoption posts. I am thrilled this is an option. It is nice to have a company who has values in line with mine.

Gina Lynn Bird 13th Jan 2016

I only wish I could do more!

I have always loved animals and to me, they are little Angels who bring so much joy into our lives. I believe all animals are supposed to be our friends. When we have them, they are family. I wish that I could put an end to the abuse of them and wish that none of them would ever need to be rescued! However if it wasn't for wonderful people like Honeybee Gardens, and others out there that do this, we probably would'nt have such wonderful opportunities to adopt one of these special babies. All of my animals have always been rescues, or adopted from an animal shelter like this! I also believe in adopting adult and senior animals also and have. They are just as lovable and playful! Thank you for the opportunity to give to such a worthy cause! Just imagine if everyone did, we could help so many!!! Sincerely, Gina Bird. Fort Mohave, AZ



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