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Create your own Eye Shadow Palette

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Have you ever wanted to pick the colors for your own perfectly customized eye shadow palette?  Well now you can (and save nearly $23 in the process)!  Create your dream set of shades...you can even name it if you like!  "Pam's Picks" "Nora's Night Out" "Gina's Go To Palette". Select 4 of the shades below and we'll package them up along with our Refillable Eye Shadow Compact for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind palette! 


  • Adonis - matte soft peach with hint of pink
  • Antique - matte pale cream bisque (Currently out of stock)
  • Ballet - matte soft lavender pink
  • Cairo - medium plum brown slight shimmer
  • Cameo - matte warm pale rose
  • Canterbury - matte light dusty plum 
  • Chateau - matte maroon brown
  • Coco Loco - matte milk chocolate brown
  • Conspiracy - matte rich forest green
  • Daredevil - matte rich plum 
  • Dragonfly - rich purple with slight iridescence
  • Drama Bomb - plum lilac with shimmer
  • Fresco - true copper with shimmer
  • Galileo - matte dark plum mauve
  • Juliet - matte dark smokey purple
  • Mojave - matte light earthy brown
  • Ninja Kitty - pale champagne pink with slight shimmer
  • Nirvana - matte white
  • Pacific - matte deep ocean blue
  • Porcelain - matte very pale pink 
  • Tippy Taupe - brownish gray with hints of plum, slight shimmer
  • Utopia - nude pink mauve with shimmer
  • Venus - rusted copper with slight shimmer

Reviews (35)

Dolores 4th Aug 2021

Finally a palette I like!

I was delighted to be able to pick my own colors for my palette. I never use all the shades in any premade palette I've ever had. So great to be able to pick my own shades!

Bea 22nd Jul 2021

Mix and match without a care..

Never knew I could have so much fun putting some colors together. It’s perfect for customizing that perfect palette for all occasions. I have gotten several now and I feel like my makeup turns out better than ever. HBG’s eyeshadows are so great, even darker colors go on soft and smooth so you can layer and decide how much intensity you’d like. They are all coordinated so you can really mix and match and can’t go wrong. Colors last very well with no irritation! I have become a total HBG junkie and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.




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