Honeybee Gardens Stickers (4-pack)

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Who loves stickers?  Here at Honeybee Gardens we’re always finding cool new ways for you to spread the word about being all natural, and one fun and easy way to do that is with stickers.

Our stickers are super cute, communicate a positive message and they're made in the USA.

We're always creating fun new stickers, so designs change regularly.  The photos show some of the stickers we've done in the past.  We will send 4 of the designs we currently have in stock. 

You can also request FREE STICKERS with any product purchase.  Just request them in the notes section at checkout.   

NOTE: we can only send stickers to destinations within the US if you're just ordering stickers.  This is due to the price of shipping.  We can add them to all product orders regardless of destination (because shipping fees are covered by the product order). If you are just ordering stickers and your shipping address is outside the US, your order will be cancelled and refunded. 

"Didn't you used to offer these for free without a purchase?"

Yes.  But we had too many people taking advantage of our offer, and ordered repeatedly.  Plus with the recent large postage hike, we could no longer afford to send them out.  Rather than discontinue the idea entirely, we decided to offer them at a price to cover shipping OR include them with existing product orders. Bonus: you no longer have to wait until a Monday to order stickers. 


Reviews (196)

janell 23rd Oct 2022

So cute! Highly recommend

I bought them as little stocking stuffers to go along with other items. I definitely recommend them!

Deborah Lavoie 22nd Jul 2022

cute stickers

the stickers are cute but the cost is too high for the amount sent to me




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