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Perfectly Polished Trio Gift Set

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Every outfit, every occasion, every day calls for a different nail polish shade.  But who has the time to paint their nails every single day?  Tip: choose one light to medium neutral shade, and one dark or bold shade.  That way, you'll always have just the right color when you need it.  Also included is Endure Primer / Sealer which you can use on its own or as a base and top coat.  A $39.97 Value

Set Includes:

  • 1- Water Color Nail Enamel Your Choice
  • 1- Water Color Nail Enamel Your Choice
  • 1- Endure Primer Sealer

Be sure to check out our new Endure Primer/Sealer to extend the life of your manicure


    • Clear
    • Boysenberry - M; Deep Plum with Gray Undertones
    • Destiny - I, S; Pink Bronze Nude
    • Fairy Dust - I, S; Frosted Pink, Slightly Sheer 
    • Forget Me Not -M; Opaque Light Pastel Blue
    • Glowing Ember - S; Shimmery  Deep Red with Purple Undertones
    • Goddess - I, S; Medium Purple Berry with Blush Undertones
    • Hibiscus - M; Bright Coral with Pinkish Orange Tones
    • Hippie Chick - M; Lavender, Light Purple with Hint of Pink
    • Island Orchid -M; Vibrant Purple with Red Undertones 
    • Legacy- M; Warm Summer Rose 
    • Oasis - I, S; Sapphire Blue (OUT OF STOCK)
    • Raspberry Sorbet - M; Rich Bright Raspberry 
    • She Said Yes -M; Opaque Light Pastel Pink
    • Surf's Up -I, M; Soothing Aquamarine 
    • Sweater Weather -M; Gray Lilac 
    • Tuscany - I, S; Purple Mauve with a hint of Pink 
    • Valentine - M; True Medium Pink 
    • Victorian Lace - M; Old Fashioned Rose
    • Vintage Merlot - M; Deep Berry Red Wine 
    • Whisper - Very Sheer Translucent Pink 
    • Wild Fire - M; Bright Red With a Hint of Orange
    • Wisteria -M; Opaque Light Pastel Purple

Reviews (5)

Allison 22nd Apr 2020


Perfect nail polishes I only want this brand! I can’t wait to get more and more. I am so pleased with my purchase

3rd Feb 2020

Primer really works!

I am really impressed with this primer! It actually keeps my nail polish from peeling off. I’m so glad I tried it because I love the idea of clean nail polish, but had a hard time keeping it on my nails. This primer did the trick though!




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