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Refillable Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation Compact w/Puff

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Our refillable & mirrored compact is the perfect carrying case for our Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation. Equipped with a tiny magnet in the well, it holds the pressed powder pan securely. Then when you're ready for a new pan, simply pop out the old one and replace with a new one. Less packaging = a happier planet!


  • Compact comes with our flocked cotton puff for applying powder. Try our luxurious kabuki brush for a more customized finish.
  • When it is time to replace your shadow, there are 2 options:
  1. Use any thin tool (paperclip, tweezers, etc.) and slide it between the pan and the magnetic well. Gently lift to release.
  2. Turn the compact over and GENTLY tap the compact to release the pan. Our foundations are strong enough to withstand this slight force and should not break. 

Reviews (20)

RK 12th Sep 2020

Great system!

We love the refillable compacts! Awesome innovation and great quality...light and easy to use! Thanks HBG, you're awesome!!!!

Cindy K. 12th Jan 2020

Great compact

The compact is great. So slim and I love the magnet to hold the pressed powder. The make up pad doesn’t work for me. The compact works well in my purse.




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