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WaterColors Nail Enamel

Water (Aqua), Acrylates copolymer. May Contain: Iron Oxides (CI 77490), Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Ultramarine Blue (CI 77007)
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Enjoy a beautiful manicure without worrying about absorbing harmful chemicals or damaging your natural nails. Our unique water-based polish is free from strong chemicals and odors; no more nasty fumes! Non-Toxic, kid safe & pregnancy safe! Plus, WaterColors are Mama Earth Approved. Our formula degrades cleanly leaving no toxins or contaminants behind.

We highly recommend you check out our Endure Primer/Sealer to extend the life of your manicure 2-3 times! This 2-in-1 formula acts as a base and top coat and keeps your non-toxic manicure looking it's best! 

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Product Details

  • Gluten Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free 
  • Odorless & No VOCs 
  • Non-Toxic Earth-Friendly Formula
  • Quick drying
  • Product does NOT contain: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrance, nitrocellulose resin, animal ingredients, triphenyl phosphate, benzophenone-1
  • Size: 0.5 fl oz./14 ml

Product Shades

  • Clear
  • Destiny - I, S; Pink Bronze Nude
  • Fairy Dust - I, S; Frosted Pink, Slightly Sheer 
  • Forget Me Not -M; Opaque Light Pastel Blue
  • Goddess - I, S; Medium Purple Berry with Blush Undertones
  • Hibiscus - M; Bright Coral with Pinkish Orange Tones
  • Hippie Chick - M; Lavender, Light Purple with Hint of Pink
  • Into the Deep - M; Deep Cobalt Blue 
  • Island Orchid - M; Vibrant Purple with Red Undertones 
  • Legacy - M; Warm Summer Rose 
  • Once Bitten - S; Rich Cranberry with Slight Gold Shimmer
  • Raspberry Sorbet - M; Rich Bright Raspberry 
  • She Said Yes - M; Opaque Light Pastel Pink
  • Surf's Up - I, M; Soothing Aquamarine 
  • Storm - M; Medium Gray (with a super slight, almost undetectable shimmer)
  • Sugar Be Sweet - I, S; Bright Salmon Pink with Hint of Iridescence (3 thin coats recommended)
  • Sweater Weather - M; Gray Lilac 
  • Tuscany - I, S; Purple Mauve with a hint of Pink 
  • Twice Shy - M; Nude Pale Pink (3 thin coats recommended)
  • Valentine - M; True Medium Pink 
  • Victorian Lace - M; Old Fashioned Rose
  • Vintage Merlot - M; Deep Berry Red Wine 
  • Whisper - Very Sheer Translucent Pink 
  • Wild Fire - M; Bright Red With a Hint of Orange
  • Wisteria - M; Opaque Light Pastel Purple

KEY: M = matte I = slight iridescence S = slight shimmer

What makes this product different from traditional polish?

You already know it's water-based and free from harsh chemical odors but let's take that a step further. Without getting too technical, let's explore the fundamental differences between solvent-based and water-based systems. Solvent-based polishes are simple solutions of nitrocellulose resins in strong solvents. Nitrocellulose is used because it forms a very hard film easily as the solvents evaporate from the base. These harsh, bad-smelling solvents, are then also used to remove the polish by dissolving the film. By contrast, water-based polish uses an emulsion resin in the form of billions of very small particles suspended in water. As the water evaporates, the particles touch each other and form a hard film which is no longer soluble in water. Traditional polish cures by reversible solvent evaporation and is easily dissolved. Our formula cures by creating a tightly knit film and not easily dissolved.

Nail preparation

Wash and dry hands thoroughly before applying polish but do not soak nails. Those with very dry skin may wish to apply a cuticle oil to nails first before applying polish to help hydrate the nail. Make sure the oil is absorbed into the nail before polishing. Our WaterColors Nail Enamels work best when used with our Endure Primer/Sealer and Gel Remover.


Shake or swirl the color before use. Some settling is normal.
Apply a thin layer of Endure Primer/Sealer to clean, dry nails and allow to air dry.
Apply up to 2 THIN coats of WaterColors Nail Enamel (be sure to cover the nail edges). Allow polish to dry between coats. If you like, use hair dryer on low setting to blow dry polished nails. The heat hardens the polish for maximum chip resistance.
Add a clear coat for additional shine, if desired.
Apply a generous final coat of Endure Primer/Sealer to seal in color. Be sure to cover tips of nails. If desired, use hair dryer again to speed dry nails.
Complete hardening occurs 4-6 hours after application, defer rough and prolonged water exposure during this time. Ideally apply polish at night and allow to cure overnight.

Wipe off any unwanted polish on skin, cuticles with cotton or stick. For longer wear, repeat a quick application of Endure or Clear coat after 3-4 days.

When it is time to remove your polish, it is best to use Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover Gel, which is acetone free. It is specifically formulated to remove the strong bond our Endure Primer/Sealer creates.

Buff nails lightly to remove shine.
Generously apply gel to cover the nail. Wait 30-60 seconds, do not let the remover dry or it will have to be re-applied.
Rub with cotton pad or paper towel to remove. *If you find you have dry nails or are wearing dark colors, you may need to use something with a bit more texture to it to remove all traces of color. Consider an old sock or piece of felt. But feel good knowing that the formulation of our product will not damage your nails.
Wash hands with mild soap to remove any traces of gel.

Product exceptions
You may find this product is a bit more difficult to remove from toe nails, because toe nails are naturally more dry and have less natural oils. We do NOT recommend using our Endure Primer Sealer on your toe nails for this reason.

Tips & Tricks
While WaterColors Nail Enamel may look and act like traditional solvent-based polish, it does have its eccentricities. Most of our customers tell us they would rather have to do an extra step if necessary rather than use polishes which contain potentially toxic ingredients. Here are some special instances and ideas which can help you create the perfect manicure.

Dry Nails
We've found that individuals with dry skin and dry nails tend to have a more difficult time removing our polish. For those folks, we recommend moisturizing the nails first before applying polish. Rub a little cuticle oil (or any good oil like jojoba, sweet almond, olive, etc.) into nails until the shininess disappears and the oil is absorbed into the nail. Then polish the nails as usual. You may want to remove the polish after one week of wear. Moisturize after removing polish.

Cold Temperatures
Since our polish is water-based, it can thicken in cold temperatures. We recommend storing our polish at normal room temperature. If polish does thicken, add ONE drop of water to bottle and shake well. This should return the polish to normal consistency. If it does not, the polish had been too cold for too long and needs to be replaced.

Length of Wear
It's rare we ever hear that our polish doesn't last long enough. However, if you find the polish isn't wearing as long as expected, the problem probably comes back to application. We recommend that you try to polish your nails at night if possible. Though our polish is tack free in no time, it takes longer to cure at the molecular level than traditional polish. So the longer you give it to set up without exposure to water, etc., the better it will wear. That being said, everyone wears polish differently. How long the polish lasts on you also depends on your body chemistry, daily activities and environmental exposure. Applying our Endure Primer Sealer as a base and top coat will extend the wear of polish.


Reviews (153)

kailey 4th Sep 2023


I ordered the kit and a few extra nail polishes after switching to mainly non tosic cosmetics. I wasnt sure how these would work, as I have trouble with regular nail polishes staying on. I have been so so impressed. All the polishes I have are so opaque and dont chip as fast as regular polishes.. I just make sure to put the clear coat on before and after. I have only bought polishes from here since then and will only buy polishes from here from here on out.

Karissa Ward 30th Jun 2023

Passed expectations!!!!

I purchased a bottle of nail polish in the shade vintage merlot and I am beyond impressed. I followed the provided instructions including using the sealer. I was going to wait a week to see how it held up before reviewing it but I went into work today (I'm a bartender and it is extremely harsh and hard on nails and I haven't had a nail polish that lasted) but my nails aren't chipped or scratched. The color is amazing and the sanitizer water and repeated hand washing had none of the effects they've had on other nail polishes. I will definitely be purchasing again. I've always hated how nail polish smells as I'm sensitive to smells but this was literally perfect. I'm officially obsessed!!!



Water (Aqua), Acrylates copolymer. May Contain: Iron Oxides (CI 77490), Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Ultramarine Blue (CI 77007)

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